BrandGuard Data Security Highlights
  • Your data is not shared with other training AIs unless you explicitly authorize otherwise.
  • BrandGuard leverages Google Cloud Platform for data storage and processing.
  • BrandGuard is actively pursuing SOC2 certification to certify our robust security practices.
  • Since BrandGuard’s core product offering does not generate content, copyright issues are not a risk.
Your Data Enhances Your Brand
Section Summary: BrandGuard recognizes that your brand identity is your company’s intellectual property, and protecting it is a top priority.  Brand guidelines are shared only with stakeholders you specify, and your data are used to improve only your brands’ models.
BrandGuard scores brands using a combination of two classes of AI models:
  • Global Models - which are not specific to your brand (e,g. - grammar, nudity), and…
  • Brand Models - which learn about the rules and nuances of your particular brand.  Brand models are not “shared” across brands: each brand has its own set of brand models.
Data we collect: BrandGuard collects and stores these classes of customer data that are used to influence brand models only:
  • Brand Guidelines: Brand styles and rules (including logos and fonts) to be enforced
  • Training Data: marketing assets (e.g. - images, text, video) labeled on or off-brand
  • Scored Assets: marketing assets (e.g. - images, text, video) scored for on-brand-ness
  • User Feedback: feedback provided by customers to improve model performance
Public data feeds global models: BrandGuard also collects and stores training data from publicly available sources.  This public data is used to train BrandGuard's global models.

Your data feeds your brand models: We maintain a clear separation of data collected from public sources vs. data collected from our customers so that customer-collected data flows only into brand models, and can be collected or “returned” to the customer on request.

Your Data Stays at BrandGuard
Section Summary: BrandGuard does not share customer data with third-party model providers unless you authorize it.  All brand models are self-managed by BrandGuard and are configured by default to keep customer data within the BrandGuard platform at all times.

For brand models that are driven by customer-provided data, we configure all models not to leverage third parties AI models. We know how important it is to protect the intellectual property that is our customers’ brand. Still, we know the speed at which LLMs are improving and changing, so we built BrandGuard to be flexible and can easily switch to use other LLMs only if our customers explicitly authorize it.

BrandGuard makes limited use of third-party models and open source software in support of training several of our global models, but this results only in the sharing of publicly available data, and any open-source models are run within BrandGuard-managed infrastructure.

Your Data is Secure on BrandGuard Infrastructure
Section Summary: BrandGuard is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which provides robust physical and network security controls. BrandGuard uses industry best practices to ensure network and data security is robust.

BrandGuard is a fully cloud-based service hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  Infrastructure is hosted at US-Central-1, with backup data distributed across multiple regions within the US. No data is stored outside the US.  You can find more information about GCP’s security practices here and their security whitepaper here

Customer-provided data in transit is always collected via the BrandGuard application using TLS 1.2 (or later) encryption using AES-256 encryption keys managed on Google-provided load balancers.  Customer-provided data is stored in Google Cloud Storage or within relational databases and encrypts data at rest using AES-256 encryption keys that are managed in Google’s Key Management Service.

Access to production data and infrastructure is granted on a least privilege basis with user-level accounts, multi-factor authentication, and audit logs maintained and monitored.  Vulnerability and penetration tests are performed on regular schedules.

Terms and Conditions

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