September 8, 2023

Eric Schmidt On The Need For AI Guardrails

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Eric Schmidt On The Need For AI Guardrails

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Axios recently featured Eric Schmidt at a forum on AI, where he discussed the risks of AI and the need for guardrails. The most interesting part of Schmidt’s comments from the article were:

  • The danger, he said, arrives at "the point at which the computer can start to make its own decisions to do things" — when, say, such a system discovers access to weapons, and we can't be certain the system will tell us the truth.
  • Two years ago, that moment was expected to be 20 years off. Today, Schmidt said, some experts think it's only two to four years away.

Schmidt was primarily addressing the existential threat AI poses to society. But this threat exists on multiple levels. As brand managers and executives thinking about AI and our companies, we should consider what increasingly intelligent systems mean for brands. What risks do they pose, and what implications do they have for brand governance?

Risks of AI

As machines get smarter, they can do more and more without human oversight and control. While this has been a long-term trend in software - to automate away human tasks - AI is different. Traditional software has deterministic outcomes. The software is programmed, put out in the wild in a production system, and doesn’t change. AI software, by contrast, can learn, modify, and grow. Its outputs are probabilistic, not deterministic. Its output can surprise us.

The best way to deal with these risks is a control system of some kind. The problem, though, is that AI is going to grow at a level that outpaces what humans can do. The only way to govern what the machines do is with other AI machines trained to monitor the creative ones.

Brand Guardrails by BrandGuard

This is why we built BrandGuard. As machines become more embedded in marketing workflows, the scale and scope of their possible mistakes put your brand at risk. You need guardrails on your marketing AI processes, and that’s exactly what BrandGuard provides.

Our platform allows you to train AI models on your brand guidelines and other sample content so you can monitor what is on and off-brand at any level of scale. We make your best brand managers better, and we help everyone on your team - humans and machines - put out more on-brand content faster.

If you want to learn more or see a demo, please reach out to