February 23, 2024

Your Data Is Your Data: Unpacking BrandGuard's Data Policies

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Your Data Is Your Data: Unpacking BrandGuard's Data Policies

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Brand IP is a critical asset to many companies. We get A LOT of questions at BrandGuard from customers about data privacy issues, so I think it’s time to highlight some key rules about how, when, and where we use customer data.

We are an enterprise software company, and most of our customers are Fortune 1000 customers. As such, our general philosophy is that:

  • Your data is your data. You own it. We do not use it for other customers or the general benefit.
  • We will not share your data with external non-BrandGuard models without notifying you and gaining consent. (We do not rely on much LLM use, and when we do, we provide various options, including private versions of LLaMa.)

We get a lot of specific questions about how we use data, so what follows below is a handful of statements that may help you evaluate BrandGuard’s data policies for your use case.

  1. We do not do any generation ourselves, only evaluation, and so your data is not used to train any generative models.
  2. We make limited use of LLMs, as most of our AI technology uses different approaches. When we do use LLMs, we provide you with options.
  3. Your data and the feedback you provide on BrandGuard scores are only used to train models for you. It is never used to train models for other customers.
  4. When we do competitive analysis for a customer, the competitor model is all based on publicly available data, even if we have that competitor as a customer. We never mix or allow access to customer data for various brands.
  5. BrandGuard models for various brands run independently. The best analogy is to think of all the models for a single customer as containerized and separate at the processing level.
  6. We are in the process of being SOC2 certified. We have all the core policies and procedures in place but need to finish the audit to receive final approval.
  7. Most importantly, we are all enterprise software people who have worked in many enterprise software companies. We understand the importance of data privacy and control and are doing everything possible to make sure your data remains your data.

I hope this helps clarify some of the common questions we get asked about BrandGuard data policies. If there are things not covered here or in our Terms of Service that you want to know more about, please reach out.