September 7, 2023

Introducing The BrandGuard API

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Introducing The BrandGuard API

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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I’m very excited today to announce the beta launch of the BrandGuard API. For several months, we’ve had BrandGuard scores available in our web app or through our Chrome plugin. But over the past year, we have talked to many customers who work with dozens of marketing tools, and they want BrandGuard analytics to be built into every place they work. On top of that, we’ve had multiple partner discussions with other applications that want to develop BrandGuard scores for their users.

As a result of these requests, we’ve built an API that allows you to pass in assets of all kinds and get back a detailed BrandGuard score. Below is a mock-up of what it could look like in Hubspot.

Imagine you have an email list of 5,000 people and want to use generative AI built directly into Hubspot to generate 5,000 slightly different emails - one for each user that is custom to your data about that user. Well, you want them all to be safe for work, high quality, and on-brand, right?

In the example below, it shows what that could look like. Now you could auto-send all the ones that are, say, above 90% on brand. You could auto-reject the ones that are below 80% on brand and ask the AI model to re-write them. And a human could review the ones that are 80-90% and decide what to do.

Our thesis is that in a world where generative AI will be built into everything, the only way to achieve brand consistency at scale is to have a single tool that manages the AI understanding of your brand and feeds that into every other generative AI tool you use. Otherwise, as a brand manager, you will be forced to manage your brand voice with multiple tools and cannot ensure the consistency you seek if those tools use different models or have different data sets to train for your brand. Our API makes this vision of the world possible.

If you are a marketing software company that wants to incorporate brand governance into your tool (whether using generative AI or not), please get in touch with us via There is no charge to use the API, but we are gating access to approved partners for now.